Ever observed how stationery isn’t just for kids, but adults love it too, especially females! What is it about a new notebook, a beautiful pen, a gorgeous letter-writing set or a cheeky and fun notecard that unleashes such powerful emotions – especially in females? The humble notebook and pen have serious credentials as healing tools, with journal-writing increasingly linked to improved mental and physical health. Some of the things people associate stationery with:

  1. It’s the ‘back-to-school’ feeling

The back-to-school feeling we enjoy while shopping for stationery expresses our desires for control and independence, according to psychologist Emma Kenny.

“As children, we have few options for controlling our environment or expressing our individuality. Stationery is a way of doing this,” she says. “As young people, we often long for the seriousness of stationery and feel that it represents us being considered independent.”

  1. Handwritten notes mean more

Sending and receiving mail has become old-fashioned. Handwritten invitations and cards also seem to signify absolutes whereas digital substitutes can be ambivalent. Handwritten notes, invitations, messages seem more personal and mean the world to the receiver!

  1. Your stationery is literally your personality

Your stationery shows your passion for your work. The more picky, particular you are about the stationery, the more sincere/committed you are to your job. It shows your attitude towards your work. The effort you put in while choosing your stationery is directly proportional to the success of the endeavor!

  1. The right stationery unleashes your creativity:

The right pen and the right paper brought into conjunction, runs the unspoken thought, cannot help but result in a sudden influx of bold, brilliant and original ideas, the germ of a bestselling novel that will in its turn be inscribed in another, perhaps larger notebook more worthy of the task, in sentences as creamy and beautiful as the pages on which they are written.

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