With Smart phones, I pads & Tabs children have forgotten the traditional ways of enhancing their creativity. Finding a way to cherish memories, or to recall a collection is always a good thing. Here is a fun task for all children, which will bring out their creativity and imagination.

Making a Scrapbook is fun way to kill time during holidays; it helps to keep memories intact & record things that pique your interest. DIY scrapbook is creative hobby; also, it helps kids to make their own projects for schools.

Let us get started!

  • Find an interesting topic Fairytales, Superheroes, Cars, or just a book of memories. Once you are ready with your subject, you can start collecting photos, clippings, memorabilia, designs, stickers, the list can go on. Gather it all together and get started.

The cover – First, let us start with the cover; take out your Neelgagan Softcover scrapbook. The cover designs will clearly depict the topic. Choose a fancy paper to cover your scrapbook, and then write the topic in bold letters, or stick the heading with cutouts from newspaper/ old books or use your own imagination. You can also stick pictures, stickers and do not forget to keep a space for the name of your book. For the name, you could use puffy alphabets or write it in using Brush Pens, Crayons, Sketch Pens, or Permanent Markers. 3D Glitters could also add a very glamorous touch.

The Pages – You can use A4 size sheets or old cards as pages. You can get as creative as you want for each page. Following a particular pattern or structure for each page could also help you keep things neat. Keep a glue stick handy, for sticking things on the pages. Use the pages to display the details of the topic for e.g. Family trip, Summer Vacations, Family Album, etc.. Add a little information about each photo to make things more interesting. Using the crayons, sketch pens, or glitter to create borders around each picture or clipping

Borders – Fun borders are always a great option to make scrapbooking easy. You can choose from so many patterns – Zigzags, scallops, checkerboard designs etc. Each page could have a different border or one design throughout. You could use ribbons, seams from clothes and so much more.

Finally, it is time to let the creativity flow. Once your scrapbook is ready in design, you can create colourful drawings using pens, crayons, and colour pencils to draw and colour, this will highlight your creative side.

A child’s imagination is vibrant; it should be explored & nurtured. A simple thing like Scrapbook allows them to create something that they can make any time. This is one of the favourite pastime of all kids, and is adored & appreciated by all.